Once you are up and running with your property that will inevitably be the time you will have to make a claim for something. Our first claim was because of bedding that was stained and severly damaged. We submitted a claim and it was denied. Here’s why and what we learned…….

Every time there is a possible damage claim to be made there are things you must do to insure you will be reimbursed. Please see below:

  1. Take pictures of everything, and I mean everything. If you have before and after that’s even better. This is why before hosting your property you should have full video and picture documentation of your property. Again, pictures before and after damage are key.
  2. Inform Airbnb immediately of the damage with estimates from a contractor, cleaning service, or Amazon if an item is broken. Submit these estimates with your pictures and let Airbnb know that the work will be perfomed in the next 24 hours.
  3. HIRE THE WORK or PURCHASE a new item. So many times a host will tell me that they weren’t reimbursed for their damages. I know exactly what happened and I am always correct. The host will inform Airbnb of their cleaning they performed and want $250 for it. Well, you can ask but in a he said she said they will never side with the host. It’s so easy for fraud to occur, and even if there is none Airbnb won’t risk it on their end. I understand and respect this stance. Especially when a host repairs a wall themselves and asks for an exorbinant amount of money for something that was $60 worth of supplies and an hour worth of work expecting $700. Come on that’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t.

So, remember to follow the steps above and Airbnb or other STR companies will stand by you. Make it as clear cut and easy to understand for the Airbnb case manager and they will be ready to assist. If it is still an issue elevate it to a manager and don’t stop asking. The host is their lifeblood moving forward.

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