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Every host wants to make sure their guest has a wonderful experience every time because it’s the way we receive 5 star reviews. Reviews are the lifeblood of our listing and propel your listing to the top of the search. We make a point in all our properties to appoint them with a guest welcome gift to make the beginning of the stay one to remember. Here are a few of our suggestions that have worked very well:

  • Wine – a bottle of red and white are great touches. Go to your local wine superstore and ask the manager for suggestions on high quality low price point wines. Buy several cases and ask for a discount – you will get it!
  • Flowers – local flowers are a great touch for any guest. You can stop by your local market and ask them for flowers that they are about to dispose of and they will sell you them at a very high discount.
  • Chocolate – come on everybody loves chocolate
  • Fruit – Local fruit from a farmers stand is a fantastic touch!
  • Local Micro Brews – If you are in a location where there are several microbreweries ask them to donate a growler and you will promote their beer and location in your property – HUGE!

These are a few of the things we do to enhance the guest experience and make sure that wonderful review and repeat stay occur! Good luck.

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  1. hey i sometimes get only 40 bucks for a night, offering 2 bottles of wine even at 7 bucks a piece, fresh flowers, chocolate, and regular staples like coffee, milk eggs and fruit?? Where does the extras end?!?

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