Cable, Roku, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu or what else?

In today’s world of technology there are so many options for your guests to watch television. I often get asked what do you provide for your guests in the way of entertainment? It’s a hard question to answer depending on your individual circumstances but this is what we have and why.

We provide standard cable to all our guests because that is what is required in our locations. Our guests want access to standard cable channels but we do not provide upgraded movie channels. Apple TV and Roku are great platforms for guests because they can log into their Netflix, Hulu, HBOGO, etc accounts. Your tech saavy guests all have Netflix accounts and if you analyze television watching these days you will see it is shifting dramatically to these services.

High speed internet is a must for your guests which will in turn power Apple TV or Roku. We recommend a minimum of 6 MB streaming which is very slow in comparison of most internet providers today. Call your cable / internet provider and ask for current deals for bundling and you will always get some kind of discount. We make a point to do this once a year as prices will always seem to creep up.

Good luck and look for feedback from guests to make their entertainment options the best they can be.

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