New listing tricks – Pictures!

If there is one thing that you should do when starting a new Airbnb listing is to make sure it looks the best it can possibly be. How does one do that? Professional pictures are a must whenever you possibly can.

I encounter so many hosts that mention their lack of bookings or “slow” periods of time, and they can’t explain why. The very first thing I look at is their pictures and overall views of their property or space. Almost every time their pictures are low quality or views that don’t accentuate the positive. In other words the pictures look awful, and a prospective guest will simply click on the next property and look at that one.

Please, please, please spend the money for professional pictures or if you can’t afford the pictures you can trade something for them. Do anything you can to hire a professional photographer that can showcase your listing and book more reservations. The cost is really nothing compared to your yearly revenues.

A quality photographer can highlight the benefits of your listing and make the prospective guest learn more and book. Let’s face it, there will be more competition in your area every day as Airbnb grows by leaps and bounds. Experts believe the amount of Airbnb guests will triple in the next 5 years. Guess what, that’s several more listings in your area and who will guests choose? Well, it’s the listing they connect with visually and the space that they can imagine staying in. Painting the picture through high quality pictures is the way to do that.

Remember, guests want to stay in a warm inviting environment that doesn’t remind them of a non personal hotel. The CEO of Airbnb recently gave an interview that talked all about the “experience” as a guest. Allow your listing the greatest chance of being chosen by using pictures that depict the experience.

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