Airbnb communication and 5 star reviews

I am constantly asked by hosts how do we get so many 5 star reviews. It really starts out with communication with your guests. All messages and inquiries are responded to within 5 minutes. It’s my thought that if it’s over 5 minutes you might as well give the booking away. If you are in a very popular vacation location there are rentals everywhere to choose from, and the one that caters to the prospective guest with timely information will always receive the booking. In fact, Airbnb measures your response times and makes it part of the reviewing system.

If you believe that it will be difficult to respond to someone in less then 5 minutes you may want to seek the help of a family member or a Virtual Assistant. VA’s are extremely inexpensive and you can train them to give desired responses to a multitude of questions. The traveler doesn’t know who’s responding but they love the fact they can make an informed decision quickly. All of this for less then $10 per booking is well worth the money spent!

A great place to find VA’s is at where you can find individuals from all over the world to help you! If your listing requires someone to communicate in several languages there are VA’s that can accommodate your needs. The hourly charges are minimal and we have found that they are invaluable! Lastly, as you acquire more properties, if you choose, you can keep your level of 5 star service without blinking an eye. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions!

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