The most important part of a successful Airbnb

The most frequently asked question about starting or enhancing an Airbnb is what items are the most important for guests. This is the easiest question to answer because you need to look at where does the guest spend the most time? Yes, where does the guest enjoy most of their time spent and what has the most effect on their entire stay. Now that you are scratching your head and trying to come up with an answer I’m sure you have run through the following: Living room, no! Kitchen, no! TV room, no!

It’s the BEDROOM, and more importantly specifically the bed. Yes, the bed can absolutely lead to a 5 star review or completely ruin a vacation if the bed is completely uncomfortable. Now, I realize people have different preferences when it comes to beds so I did a lot of research before setting up each bedroom in all our properties.

First, I visited the best hotels in the world known for service and those are of course, Ritz Carlton. I realize others may say Four Seasons, Waldorf, etc., but no one will deny the attention to detail Ritz Carlton demonstrates. They have a very simple formula for their beds and it really isn’t that expensive at all. They have a pillow top bed that is moderately priced with a foam sealed topper. Yes, believe it or not that what it is. People rave about their beds and what a wonderful night’s sleep they get. Little do they know it’s a very inexpensive set up.

Sources for beds vary all over the world, but in the US we have several retail locations, but the best place to go is a factory seconds or refurbishing center. You can literally get a bed for 25% of the original price. Now, it may have a tear or a cut on the side, or a mark that can be washed off, but in the end you can repair it in under 20 minutes and you will have a fantastic bed. The next step is purchasing a topper which are very inexpensive on Amazon and always look for the Amazon deals. These deals can be returns that have never been used. Why not get 50% off for an open package! Here’s an example that we frequently use in our properties:

In the end, the bed is the most important factor in our minds for providing the guests the very best stay. They may not even realize why they had such a wonderful time at first, but they will have a restful night’s sleep which has shown to be the most important factor in feeling your best every day.

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